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"I'm so glad I found Guestnest Homestays for flexible-term home-sharing. It took a lot less time to find and rent a perfect month-to-month accommodation. The verifications gave me peace of mind, and the booking system made the process simple and secure!"

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Discover "homemade" accommodations

Search for cool private rooms. Look at photos. Read about amenities, Check housemate profiles. Get all the info you need to book.


Communicate with your "host"


If you have any questions, just ask the host. But out of courtesy, review the listing details thoroughly first - you can usually find the answers there.


Click to request a booking


Enter your stay dates (or month to month) and click "REQUEST BOOKING", then enter your credit card info. Add verifications to establish trust.


Check-in and live great


Arrive at your new "nest" on check-in day. Then manage your entire stay through the dashboard under "MY STAYS"


Check out and review


When you're ready to leave, clean up and click "CHECKOUT". Deposit return and prorated payments are handled automatically


How is Guestnest Monthlets different from roommate sites?

Guestnest Monthlets is much more than a "roommate finding" website. Its a streamlined platform for reducing the effort, time, stress, and risk involved with not only finding a roommate, but managing it. Guestnest Monthlets takes the hassle and guesswork out of securing a terrific accommodation you'll love.

As a "guest", can I physically view a 'nest' before I book it?

Its up to the individual host. Some allow guests to physically preview their place, and others do not. This should not be a concern, however. Guestnest works hard to verify each host accommodation to make sure you will love every stay!

Can I meet my host before booking?

Some hosts will require meeting you first, others may not be available. This is where Guestnest verification's and reviews comes in. Each host and guest profile lists verification's, reviews from prior stays, self-descriptions, references, social media presence, and more. We've found that user profile information is an excellent way to help make rental choices. Remember - You're never forced to stay anywhere you don't like or feel uncomfortable. If you aren't happy with your accommodations, let us know! We'll help you find a superb alternative.

Can I pay my rent with cash or check?

You can pay rent anyway you like, according to Host Policies. This said, its always better to make payments through the Guetnest system with a credit or debit card, bank account, or Paypal (coming soon). By paying through Guestnest, we can step in should there happen to be any concerns, and you're protected by our $1,000,000 host/guest guarantee. If payments are made outside of the system, there is little to nothing we can do to help, and no coverage should anything go wrong.

What if there is a problem with the home or host?

Part of the Guestnest value proposition is that it helps ensure that the whole process of renting - from finding a perfect nest, to check out, is a great experience. Of course, various issues always have a way of popping up - but we're here to help when they do. As long as you are making payments through the Guestnest system, Guestnest can assist you in resolving issues, and even help you find new accommodations if you are you are uncomfortable in your current place for any reason. **Guestnest does not provide legal advice, and any legal matter should be discussed with a licensed legal practitioner.

How much does it cost?

Guestnest is free for hosts. We charge a small service fee to guests, 1% to 3% of the monthly rent amount.

"I needed a place to stay and I didn't want to bother viewing a ton of places, and wondering if I would end up in an ugly "typical roommate nightmare". Guestnest was the perfect solution for easy accommodations,at excellent value.

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